YouTube will stream the UEFA Women’s Champions League for free

Soccer fans around the world will be able to watch the UEFA Women’s Champions League for free over the next two seasons. will stream every game from the competition in 2021-23. It struck a deal with UEFA sports streaming service , which snapped up the broadcast rights to the UWCL for the next four years.

With the exception of the Middle East, North Africa China its territories, fans everywhere can watch all 61 games (not including qualifying rounds) live on demon DAZN’s YouTube channel during the upcoming two seasons. In the following two seasons (2023-24 2024-25), DAZN will stream every game live on its own platform, which is now available in . You’ll still be able to catch 19 matches per season on YouTube.

The broadcasting deal will get into gear amid a new format for the UWCL. UEFA is introducing a 16-game group stage this season, similar to the format of the men’s Champions League. Previously, it was a two-legged knockout competition with a one-off final. The group stage for the 2021-22 edition starts on October 5th.

This is a chance for soccer enthusiasts in most parts of the world to catch some of the best players on the planet in action without having to pay an extra penny (as long as they have a decent internet connection device on which to watch YouTube). The deal should give the UWCL more exposure than in the past, it could perhaps inspire more kids to take up the sport.

Streaming services have been duking it out over soccer rights for years. This is a significant deal for DAZN, as well as whatever sports ambitions YouTube has. hold English-language broadcast rights to the men’s version of the competition in the US. Univision’s TUDN airs games in Spanish.

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