watchOS 8 beta hands-on: Subtle but useful changes

With the iOS 15 watchOS 8 public betas now available for testing, it’s time for us to get an early look at some of the features coming to Apple’s biggest platforms. While the next watchOS might not represent as significant a change as iOS 15, it does bring new health fitness tools, along with tighter iPhone integration.

If you’re thinking of checking out the public beta for yourself, make sure you’ve considered the risk of running preview software. Those who simply can’t wait for a stable public version of the upcoming platform can sign up for Apple’s beta program install the builds now, provided you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer, along with an iPhone running the iOS 15 beta.

Mindfulness, health fitness

Apple’s new health-centric features could interest those looking for a more wholistic approach to wellbeing. The company has renamed its Breathe app to Mindfulness, adding a meditation guide to the existing breathing exercises. You can set each Mindfulness session’s duration from one to five minutes. A prompt appears before each session to help you focus your thoughts, along with a button to begin. 

So far, I’ve seen typical meditation prompts that tell you to be aware of your thoughts let them pass without judgement. Some other examples include “Think of someone you care about. Imagine you can feel your connection with them” “Consider the values that matter to you in something you’re focused on.”

Then, a colorful swirling animation takes up the screen. I usually just lean back close my eyes at this point, but if you continue to stare at your watch, the animation is a nice distraction that’s almost hypnotizing. When your time is up, the watch vibrates shows a closing thought tied to the opening prompt, like “Bring this sense of open awareness with you.” You’ll also see your heart rate your total Mindful minutes for the day (which includes time spent doing Breathe exercises). After two Mindfulness sessions, my Apple Watch SE said my pulse plummeted from 64 to 47bpm, which is great, I guess.

Cherlynn Low / Engadget

It does at times feel like a glorified timer, meets fortune cookie, meets Magic 8 Ball, all set to Windows Media Player visualizations. But combined with reminders throughout the day that you can customize, Mindfulness can be valuable tool for checking in with yourself your state of mind.

A few other health-centric additions to watchOS include two new Workout categories: Tai Chi Pilates. I’ve yet to do a session of either exercise so I can’t say how accurately Apple tracks these yet. There are also a couple more features I need more time to get a better sense for, like respiratory rate tracking overnight walking steadiness. The latter requires about two weeks of walking with your iPhone stashed somewhere on your body, so it’ll take some time before I get results. 

Messaging, new apps integration with iPhone

A big part of the watchOS 8 update is improved communications tools integration with your iPhone. Notably, the Messages app now allows you to compose via Scribble, Dictate Emojis all within the same screen. I scrawled out part of a message, dictated longer parts of it, added emoji from one page easily. Editing is also less of a hassle than before, thanks in large part to the ability to use the Digital Crown to control the cursor. Hallelujah! Scrolling back to insert a space or fix a stray “v” got so much easier. 

Additionally. there’s a new option now to send GIFs in Messages, from the same place you’d send a Digital Touch (just hit the search glass button type in your keyword). 

Communicating with people is also easier now thanks to the new Contacts app, which lets you find specific friends more quickly. If you’ve set one of iOS 15’s new Focus modes on your iPhone, the same settings will apply to your watch. People apps that have been blocked will remain muted on your wrist, a symbol at the top of the screen indicates which Focus mode is active.

Contacts isn’t the only new app for watchOS 8. Apple is also redesigning Home to make interacting with your connected appliances easier, bringing Find Items, Find Devices, Tips to your wrist. The new OS will also add support for ultra widebto enable more precise car key functions like spatial awareness. Plus, the update lets you use your Watch as a key for hotels offices in addition to your home car, though naturally it only works with compatible buildings locks. I haven’t had a chance to test those features yet.

Five Apple Watches showcasing various new watchOS 8 features. From left to right, the features displayed are: Messaging, Photos app, Portrait watch face, Photos app composing a message.


Like its counterpart on iOS, the watchOS Wallet app will also support adding your driver’s License, which you can use in participating states agencies in the US when that’s more broadly rolled out. In addition to privacy security concerns around Apple storing your ID on your device, there are also questions here about how likely law enforcers or various authorities are to welcome these digital cards. But that’s not something I was able to test with this preview build, given this feature is not accepted in most places at the moment.

Portrait watch faces, multiple timers Fitness+

In addition, I tried out a few other new features on the watchOS 8 beta: portrait watch faces multiple timers. Similar to how you could create a Photos face for Apple Watch before, hit Share on a picture on your iPhone, then tap Create Watch Face. If you want the faux depth-of-field effect on your wrist, you’ll need to pick an image shot using your phone’s Portrait mode. The effect will animate when you rotate the watch dial. Currently, there are only three clock styles available for these, I found “Modern” the least offensive. You can also add a single complication to Portrait faces.

As for multiple timers: It works. I set a countdown for three minutes, then hit back set another for a minute. They both went off without a hitch. It’s funny that something as simple as this took eight whole updates to get, but at least it’s here. Those who use their Apple Watch for cooking timers will appreciate this one.

Finally, this isn’t quite a watchOS update but since you need an Apple Watch to use Fitness+, the two are intertwined. When you use Fitness+ on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll now be able to watch the exercise videos in Picture-in-Picture mode. I was also able to resize the panel that was overlaid atop my other apps simply by pinching to zoom. 


This isn’t the biggest update to watchOS, but Apple has made some subtle improvements to its communication apps it’s also tightened its iPhone integration. I also appreciate the attention paid to different takes on health wellbeing. There are still more features to test, like walking steadiness ID support, but for now the watchOS 8 beta feels like thoughtful, if small, update.

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