UK watchdog bans cryptocurrency exchange Binance

Cryptocurrency just faced another obstacle in the quest for government acceptance. The Financial Times reports that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has banned the major crypto exchange Binance in the country, including Binance Markets Limited its parent Binance Group. The watchdog didn’t say just why it blocked Binance, but noted that an “imposition of requirements” kept Binance from operating.

Binance has until June 30th to confirm that it’s honoring the FCA’s demands.

Engadget has asked Binance for comment. In the past, it said it took regulatory obligations “very seriously” was “committed” to honoring the rules wherever it operated.

It’s a significant blow. Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges on the planet, with locations around the world an industry-leading trading volume of about $2.46 trillion as of May 2021. The FCA’s crackdown could not only limit trading in a major market, but hurt the company’s reputation. It’s not clear how easily Binance can address its situation, but it’s under more than a little pressure to act quickly.

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