TikTok Jump lets creators enhance their videos with ‘mini-app’ integrations

TikTok creators may no longer need to add a “link in bio,” at least to certain kinds of content. Today, TikTok introduced Jump, a new way for creators to add interactivity to their videos via third-party integrations. So, for example, a cooking video could feature a list of ingredients via Whisk, a recipe-sharing app. You might also be able to add a quiz via Quizlet, or breathing exercises via Breathwrk. The company has beta-tested this feature before; as of today, all users will be able to see interact with Jumps, but only a “select” group of creators will actually be able to add them to their content.

Some of the platforms that have been approved to work with Jump include the aforementioned Whisk, Breathwrk Quizlet, as well as Wikipedia, StatMuse Tabelog. Others like BuzzFeed, Jumprope, IRL WATCHA will launch in the coming weeks. Examples of added content include movie reviews beauty tutorials.

The closest competitor to Jump would be Snapchat’s Minis, which are essentially mini apps that let you buy movie tickets through Atom or have meditation exercises from Headspace. WeChat, the popular Chinese messaging app, also has its own line of mini apps.

“TikTok has become a destination both to be entertained to learn,” wrote Sean Kim, TikTok’s head of product, in a press release. “Through TikTok Jump, we’re creating that ‘last mile’ of our community’s discovery journey helping to spark action deeper interaction both on off the platform”

Update, 3:30PM ET: This story originally said that Jumps were now available for all users. While all users are able to see content with Jumps, only some creators are currently able to add them to their posts.

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