‘Sword of the Sea’ is a fantasy surfing adventure from the creators of ‘Abzû’

Most board sports games revolve around racking up high scores, but Giant Squid is trying something decidedly different. The Abzû The Pathless developer has unveiled Sword of the Sea, a fantasy action adventure about much more than showing off. You play a resurrected Wraith who has to revive a wasted world while navigating with a “Hoversword” that serves as a combo skateboard, snowboard surfboard. Naturally, giant monsters (leviathans) stin your way.

The exact mechanics aren’t yet clear. However, Giant Squid promises the “speed flow” of a skateboard game combined with the exploration the creators are known for. It should be at once “meditative” exciting, the studio claims, the visuals back that up — Sword of the Sea is as much about soaking in the visuals as it is shredding ramps.

There’s no release date for Sword of the Sea, but it should be available for both PC (via Steam) PS5. If nothing else, the setting is a refreshing break from the usual competition arenas of the extreme sports genre. You’re saving the planet, not focusing on bragging rights.

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