Sony buys a studio known for porting games to PC

Sony has just bought another studio, no it’s not Bluepoint Games. On Thursday, the company announced the , a Dutch developer best known for supporting Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive Eidos Montreal in porting some of their games over to PC. “We can’t wait to get to work are so excited to bring our technical development expertise to an IP powerhouse like PlayStation Studios,” Jurjen Katsman, founder senior director of development at Nixxes, said in a statement.

The deal suggests Sony plans to step up its efforts to bring more of its exclusives to Windows. In the last year, the company released to Steam the Epic Games Store, Sony president CEO Jim Ryan said more of the company’s first-party games would make their way to the PC in the future. The purchase of Nixxes also follows Sony’s acquisition of Returnal developer Housemarque earlier in the week.    

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