Scientists at CNRS using INTEGRA’s VOYAGER to speed up their HIV research

VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette increases productivity in a real-life situation


INTEGRA Biosciences’ VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes save time improve lab productivity, the company has created ?a testimonial video showcasing the pipette’s many useful features. The video shows how the VOYAGER increases productivity using a real-life situation, portraying how researchers at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Montpellier, France, are using it to study the dynamics of the latent HIV reservoir investigate drug-resistant mutations.

 Latent HIV reservoirs are one of the main reasons that the disease is so far uncurable, making it impossible for the antiretroviral therapies to completely eradicate the virus. The team therefore works to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the reservoir to improve the effectiveness of HIV treatments. The CNRS team’s workflow requires up to 20 PCR plates to be prepared for each patient sample, as well as loading hundreds of samples into electrophoresis gels for size analysis. They therefore decided to start using the VOYAGER to speed up these processes, it has been a game-changer for large-scale screening activities. The automated adjustment of tip spacing allows multiple samples to be transferred between different plate formats, from tubes to plates, or from plates to gels in parallel, cutting several hours of work down to just 10-15 minutes!

 Visit the INTEGRA Biosciences website to watch the video.

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