Loki the Simpsons meet on Disney+ July 7th

Fans of Loki will have more than just a new episode of Marvel’s live-action series to look forward to . On July 7th, Disney will also release , a new Simpsons short guest starring Tom Hiddleston, to Disney+. Of his latest (mis)adventure, the company says Loki has once again gotten himself banished from Asgard, only this time to find himself in the town of Springfield. The God of Mischief teams up with Bart hijinks ensue.

The Good, The Bart, The Loki is the second Disney+ Simpsons crossover following the Star Wars-themed . Of course, you can thank the billions Disney spent adding Marvel, Lucasfilm assets from 21st Century Fox to its empire for that fact the Simpsons Loki can appear in an animated short together. 

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