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Hello! I’m Greta Lee Jackson. You might know me from being in my activewear or having a massive go at celebrities during the pandemic. I’m a comedy content maker, meaning I try to make funny clips for TV the internet. Having said that, I’m fairly confident that nothing I make will ever come close to the level of comedy that the following pieces of content achieve. I will forever be in awe of them, hauling them out whenever times get tough I need cheering up, or I need inspiration, or just fancy feeling like an abject failure at my chosen profession.

If I were to describe my particular flavour of the 10 funniest things I’ve seen on the internet, the word “dumb” comes to mind. The stupidest, most ridiculous, most un-profound stuff is what really wins me over. These bits of the internet have brought me a lot of joy over the years. Usually just me, though. When I show them to people I’m often met with silence confused looks. But I’m hoping there’s enough of you out there to get where I’m coming from, so I’m excited to take you on a journey through my own personal greatest hits mixtape of internet comedy. Because they’ll always be funny to me!

1. Alex, it’s OK …

Humans are always coming up with inventive ways to self-soothe, this man’s choice of using the Google Translate app to reassure himself over an embarrassing incident deserves to be cemented in the annals of internet comedy for years to come. I can’t find the original video, but it was reposted on Bec Shaw’s Twitter which is always a good source of comedy. And the pause. The pause!

For the youngsters reading, this particular piece came from something called a “blog”. It’s like if a TikTok video was made out of words. And was 50 times as long. And made sense. He’s been kind of quiet in recent years, but David Thorne is known for marrying together his skills in graphic design with mundane workplace correspondence to transform his career into what can essentially be classified as professional troll. This is my favourite one of his efforts, it is a LOT of effort he’s put into elaborately pranking an unfortunate co-worker who has lost her cat. Maybe it’s the touch of cruelty that makes this so funny? I dunno. Am I a sadist? Probably. It seems I do enjoy putting myself in the firing line for abuse from internet comments, after all.

3. This tweet from Greg Larsen about the future

Greg Larsen is one of the country’s best comedians, this tweet he put out in the middle of the pandemic had me laughing for days sharing it in many a group chat. It’s the specificity of Digimon burp-speaking I think. We know exactly who this guy is, even though it isn’t anyone.

4. Talking Dolphins

This clip is originally from a BBC show called Walk on the Wild Side, birthplace of the famous prairie dog shouting, “Allan! Allan! Steve! Steve!” But for me, this clip, although more base, is slightly funnier. A lot of creative choices come just come together beautifully in this one. The dolphin’s name is Keith. They’re apparently from Liverpool, judging by their accents. Keith can nod emphatically, unusual for a dolphin, but ideal in this context. I just wanna hang out with these guys. They seem fun.

5. A Man Grieves Over His Dead Wife (You Won’t Believe What Happens Next)

Aunty Donna are fast becoming an institution of Australian comedy. This clip is pretty old, is one of their first clips for TV (on ABC), it retains everything that makes Aunty Donna great: absurdity, silly physical stuff, disregard for comedy rules. Not to mention it’s possibly the only time I’ve witnessed puns being genuinely funny. His wife died of curry! Show some respect give it a watch.

6. Celery Man

Nowadays, Tim Eric is such an established aesthetic that no one is really quite sure where it originated . But I remember the first time I saw Sit on You from their Adult Swim show Awesome Show, Great Job. I thought it signified some kind of comedy revolution. Rules were broken. Tradition was abandoned. It was made to look deliberately crappy, the editing was as important as the writing, almost as important as the real people they used. This Tim Eric clip uses Paul Rudd, but it doesn’t matter. It’s still compelling. What is his job? Why was his wife calling? How come he is so angry when he has to repeat his request to his computer? I’m just asking. You won’t find any answers by watching. And that’s the beauty of it.

This image has captured my heart. What kind of lunatic makes it a priority to drink all the shampoo in the house? Wario, of course. Why? We’ll never know. But it’s clearly very important to him. And he hasn’t made any other plans for summer, even though there are other spaces on the list. At first glance, those empty spots are almost an invitation for us, the viewers of this sacred image, to use our imagination fill them out ourselves. But on second thought, it is best to leave them blank, for how can we ever profess to know what is truly in Wario’s heart, when it comes to summertime tips? We all understit’s perfect as it is.

8. In the deer 2nite

Question: what do you get when you combine the most iconic drumroll of all time with a very determined deer? Answer: Comedy gold. The best thing about this is one of three things: the fact that she could have walked anywhere deliberately chose to go through rather than around, the unbroken gaze, or the way she returns to exactly the same pace once she’s out the other end. I’ll let you watch decide for yourself.

9. Waking Up Gary

I don’t really have any way of explaining this. My younger brother Adam described it as “something that wasn’t supposed to happen”. I think that’s all you need to know.

10. Colin’s Bear Animation

The statue of David. The ceiling of the Sistine chapel. Very rarely is the human race blessed with an artist so prolific that their work is revered for generations. But I am quite confident that we are living in an age of a new Michelangelo, his name is Colin Sanders. This is his bear. I feel like this is the perfect place to end this comedy odessey, I hope you have enjoyed my collection. Or, you might want to evoke the words of the great artist Colin: “Thanks for nothing.”

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