‘Fortnite’ will host another big season-ending event on September 12th

The current  season will wrap up in a little over a week, once again, Epic Games to go out with a bang. Chapter 2 Season 7 is centered around an alien invasion of the island, it seems you’ll have the chance to help send the infiltrating forces packing.

In the Operation: Sky Fire event, which takes place on September 12th at 4PM ET, you’ll be able to team up with 15 of your friends undertake a secret mission. You your squad will “join a strike team sneak aboard the Mothership to deliver IO’s final message to the invading aliens.”

As with   , you’ll only have one chance to experience this for yourself. You can queue up reserve your spot 30 minutes before it all goes down.

With the season ending soon, it’s worth taking care of some other Fortnite business. You should definitely spend all your bars before the stash resets. Helpfully, residents vending machines on the islare offering major discounts during Bargain Bin Wild Week, which starts on September 9th. Any battle stars or alien artifacts you don’t exchange by the end of the season “will be automatically redeemed for rewards styles starting with the earliest available unlocks,” Epic said.

Until Operation: Sky Fire begins, you can still unlock characters cosmetics through the current battle pass. Superman’s Quests will also no longer be available when the event starts, but you still have some time to unlock the Superman glider, pickaxe shadow style. Other quests that aren’t part of the battle pass, such as the LeBron James Vox Hunter ones, will still be available in the next season, which should start soon after Operation: Sky Fire.

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