‘Alan Wake II’ will drop on October 17th for Xbox Series X, PS5 PC

Alan Wake II, the sequel to Remedy Entertainment’s 2010 cult hit, is scheduled to come out on October 17th, 2023, for Xbox Series X S, PlayStation 5 PC. There are two playable protagonists in Alan Wake II: Wake himself FBI agent Saga Anderson. The sequel is a single-player psychological horror experience, just like the original.

In the new game, Anderson is investigating a rash of ritualistic murders plaguing the small town of Bright Falls in the Pacific Northwest. She connects the incidents to the disappearance of horror writer Alan Wake (who vanished 13 years ago, appropriately), things get spooky very quickly from there. Meanwhile, Wake is trapped in the Dark Place, attempting to write his way out of a hellish, surreal prison. Wake’s world is full of shifting spaces looping realities, while Bright Falls is a picturesque canvas ripe for hidden horrors.

“After certain events have transpired, fans can play Wake Anderson’s respective stories in any order they choose,” a Remedy Entertainment spokesperson said on the PlayStation Blog. “Their journeys echo foreshadow each other, in this intense atmospheric story, taking players on two separate dark disturbing paths.”

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