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9/12 (Available now on Wondery+ Amazon Music, widely from 8 September)
Unlike much of the current crop of 9/11 programming, which considers the event itself, this new series from Dan Taberski (Missing Richard Simmons) instead looks at the ripple effects, the reality for different Americans on 12 September 2001. First up are Alan Chris, participant mastermind respectively of a reality show that saw them at sea at the time of the attack, with little information the rare privilege of being able to separate themselves from the world-changing events that were unfolding.
Hannah J Davies

Philippa Perry’s Siblings in Session
“Are we who we are because of our siblings?” asks psychotherapist Observer agony aunt Perry in this examination of real-life relationships. First up are Louise Caroline, sisters who were living happily together until the youngest moved in with her partner. They talk candidly, with Louise seeing it as a “break-up” Caroline feeling guilty for leaving. Perry approaches the topic with her trademark kindness, pulling out the issues that affect the sisters sibling bonds more generally.
Hannah Verdier

Philippa Perry examines real-life relationships in Siblings in Session. Photograph: Pål Hansen/The Observer

Chosen by Shivani Dave

Released last year, Vent Documentaries is a collaboration between VICE UK Brent, the London Borough of Culture for 2020. While a lot of podcasts ‘for’ or ‘by’ young people miss the mark, this one feels authentic, touching on investigating issues that have entered the youth zeitgeist in recent years.

From prison abolition to ‘the court of Twitter’, through to sex online the importance of getting names right, there is no topic too big or too trivial for these young people to explore. Some of the stories are told through personal accounts, others are topics that young people in Brent have an interest in, but what all the episodes have in common is that they are deeply thought through thoroughly investigated.

Occasionally some episodes saw a noticeable drop in interview quality, due to remote recording (we have all experienced it over the pandemic!). But it is forgiven by the sound design, with varied narration punchy music to keep the story moving along.

Talking points

  • Spotify’s powerful podcast about the people behind the Black Lives Matter movement, Resistance, returned this week for an electrifying live episode, with host Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr teaming up with a poet, a comedian a musician to pay tribute to people who “embody the word resistance in every way imaginable” via one-off performances.

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