TIBCO powers data integration in Singapore NUHS’s AI platform

California-based enterprise data company TIBCO Software has delivered some of its analytics solutions to power the artificial intelligence platform of Singapore’s National University Health System.


Based on a press release, the health system employed four TIBCO solutions to support the integration of real-time medical data from EMR systems. These solutions include:

  • BusinessWorks: software that enables the implementation of application strategies using both traditional enterprise integration patterns modern cloud-based API-led approaches built with microservices containers;

  • Streaming: a high-performance system for rapidly building applications that analyse act on streaming data;

  • Messaging: a platform providing a comprehensive messaging portfolio in a single, seamlessly integrated platform; and

  • Spotfire: an analytics tool enabling users to explore visualise new discoveries in data through immersive dashboards advanced analytics.


The TIBCO solutions, according to NUHS, have enabled its Endeavour AI platform to stream live data which are then fed into AI models to produce actionable insights. 

The hospital’s AI platform combines various AI tools to provide aggregated predictions visualisation of insights, enhancing patient care services. Those AI tools incorporate different patient information, such as demographics, lab data prescribed medications. Up to 150 distinct AI automation tools are slated to be deployed as microservices on Endeavour AI. 

NUHS claims its AI platform can predict a patient’s length of hospital stay, as well as help bring “significant” cost savings. It was also developed to improve breast cancer detection rates by identifying predicting the risk of breast cancer in admitted women. 


Recently, a team of NUHS neurosurgeons demonstrated the use of holographic technology to locate brain tumours during surgeries. The demonstration is part of an ongoing research programme to explore the use of mixed reality technology in clinical care.


“We leverage the capabilities of AI to improve healthcare practices outcomes, enabling clinical practitioners to make faster, more accurate diagnoses precise treatments. Healthcare institutions aggregate vast quantities of data but most of the data collected [are] only analysed retrospectively,” NUHS Group Chief Technology Officer Ngiam Kee Yuan stated.

“Healthcare’s digital future looks promising as patients become more comfortable using digital services for complex sensitive issues. The collaboration with NUHS leverages our respective strengths in data, analytics network connectivity to help organisations navigate the complex transition to a value-based healthcare system,” said TIBCO SVP for Asia-Pacific EMEA Erich Gerber.

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