Manipal Hospitals partners with ConnectedLife for post-surgery monitoring

Manipal Hospitals, one of the biggest healthcare providers in India, has entered into a partnership with Singapore-based health tech provider ConnectedLife to remotely monitor patients’ conditions after surgeries.

ConnectedLife’s solutions combine sensor technology AI to facilitate early detection intervention of common chronic diseases, as well as enable the continuous monitoring personalised treatment of people living with chronic conditions.

Its virtual platform, based on a press statement, pairs with wearable devices like Fitbit to remotely capture heart rate, oxygen saturation level, activity metrics like sleep quality, steps, pain score. It delivers reminders for taking medications participating in physiotherapy triggers warnings when there have been irregularities in vital parameters.


Through their partnership with ConnectedLife, Manipal Hospitals Chairman Dr Sudarshan Ballal expects post-surgery care will become “seamless,” as wearable technology will help them monitor critical parameters of patients who have undergone high-risk surgeries, such as total knee replacement surgery, angioplasty, cardiac bypass surgery.

Its latest programme will provide clinicians with a holistic view of patients’ health post-discharge to monitor their progress toward recovery help create tailored interventions. Patients will also be empowered to manage their own wellbeing by having a better view of their health metrics.

According to CEO Dr Dilip Jose, using ConnectedLife’s platform will “replace lengthy manual processes with 24/7 insight-based care monitoring, enabling recovery outside of hospitals”. 

So far, Manipal has seen “improved” adherence to medication exercise schedules, as well as progress in the physical activities of patients enrolled in the programme.

Moreover, post-operative data will be collected from ConnectedLife through Fitbit to see if they match with functional outcomes improved patient satisfaction post-surgery. “This data will allow us to understdevelop new methods in cost-effectiveness, compliance, comfort, ease of use,” said Dr Jose.


New remote health monitoring devices have recently sprung up in India. Last year, the Amrita Spandanam, a smartphone-connected finger clip for health monitoring, was deployed at the Amrita Hospital to monitor patients with severe COVID-19. Earlier in the month, the technology was launched for home use. 

Medtronic India has partnered with Statis Health to help commercialise in India the Statis Monitor, a bedside monitoring system that also enables virtual tracking of patients’ vitals from any device. The connected care system provides 24-hour vital sign trend data uses predictive AI to alert staff about patients’ deteriorating conditions. 

In other related news, Fitbit launched in August last year its newest Fitbit Charge 5 which features a stress management capability. A new premium Fitbit feature that analyses a user’s snoring activity while asleep recently came to the Sense Versa 3 devices.


“We continue to work with ConnectedLife to facilitate engagement with strategic partners like Manipal Hospitals to develop implement solutions that play a key role in building the digital health ecosystem in India. This programme gives people a better view of their health metrics, which can help empower them to better manage their recovery,” Fitbit India Country Manager Alok Shankar commented.

“For ConnectedLife this is an incredible opportunity to deliver at scale further advance the application of easy-to-use smartphone wearable technology, novel data analytics AI, population health management tools,” ConnectedLife founder CEO Daryl Arnold also said.

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