Google Cloud, C3 AI team to accelerate enterprise software implementation

C3 AI, a Redwood City-based enterprise artificial intelligence company, announced Wednesday that it would make its entire portfolio available on Google Cloud.  

The goal, said the organizations, is to help companies across the industry accelerate their implementation of AI tools.

“Google Cloud C3 AI share the vision that artificial intelligence can help businesses address real-world challenges opportunities across multiple industries,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud, in a statement. 

“We believe that by delivering C3 AI’s applications on Google Cloud, by partnering to address specific industry use cases with AI, we can help customers benefit more quickly at greater scale,” Kurian continued.  


C3 AI’s enterprise AI tools – including the C3 AI Suite platform the no-code AI model management software C3 AI Ex Machina – will now be available on Google Cloud’s infrastructure.  

C3 AI says it also will work to help customers build deploy machine learning models more quickly by ensuring its applications capitalize on Google Cloud capabilities, including Google Kubernetes Engine, Google BigQuery Vertex AI.  

Although the companies say they aim to provide tools for a range of industries, they highlight the partnership’s potential to address challenges in healthcare.  

In particular, they say customers can use their tools to improve the availability of critical healthcare equipment via AI-powered asset readiness preventive maintenance.  

Those in the telecommunications industry, meanwhile, can use the companies’ combined resources to improve network resiliency overall customer experience, with the additional goals of reducing costs operational carbon footprints.  

“Combining the innovation, leadership, scale, go-to-market expertise of Google Cloud with the substantial business value delivered from C3 AI applications, this partnership will dramatically accelerate the adoption of enterprise AI applications across all industry segments,” said Thomas M. Siebel, C3 AI CEO, in a statement.  


Cloud-based AI solutions are displaying growing potential in the healthcare field.

In 2018, M*Modal launched an AI-powered radiology service on Microsoft Azure cloud, aimed at improving patient outcomes physician satisfaction.

More recently, the Mayo Clinic has used cloud-based AI to tackle COVID-19, as part of its ten-year strategic partnership with Google Cloud.  

“COVID-19 has forced us to collaborate much faster advance to many more cloud functions than we probably would have without the pandemic,” said Mayo Clinic Platform president John Halamka this past year.  


“Organizations across industries are accelerating their digital transformations with cloud-based solutions, purpose-built to deliver specific business outcomes,” said Ritu Jyoti, group vice president for AI Automation Research at IDC, in a statement.   

“This new partnership between C3 AI Google Cloud represents an acceleration of this trend, as the two companies partner to expthe application of AI-powered solutions in the enterprise,” Jyoti added.  

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