AWS teams with THREAD for AI-enabled clinical trials management

THREAD, which develops technology offers consulting services for decentralized clinical trials, announced a new collaboration this week with Amazon Web Services.

AWS will help develop new enhancements for the THREAD platform, bringing scalable automation built-in AI to enabling faster more efficient trials by enabling higher quality data capture across the lifecycle of a clinical study.

In addition to improving access for research participants, the companies say they hope the collaboration will speed up the ability to offer initiate co-created configured trials by reducing the start-up time to onboard customers by up to 30%.

Another goal is to enable customers to reduce inefficiencies by 30% achieve up to 25% cost savings when pre-completing data, significantly reducing data capture removing source data verification.

The hope is to provide a more comprehensive view of participant data across studies with enhanced security, AI support operational controls – also to help customers to more precisely assess studies’ success by enabling real-time visibility into richer data streams, real-time grades on study performance.

THREAD is working with AWS Professional Services to design advanced machine learning architecture AI models to automate processes for real-time data capture, auto-populating data workflows more.

There’s been big momentum for AI machine learning in clinical trial management, especially since the pandemic, in the U.S. around the world.

This past October, Cerner launched Enviza, a new operating unit focused on innovating new approaches to automated data management expanding participation in clinical trials.

That same month, we offered an inside look at how Intel ConsenSys Health are combining blockchain AI for clinical trials management.

“The breadth depth of AWS’s machine learning cloud capabilities will help support THREAD teams as they work to automate processes, reduce inefficiencies, monitor support clinical trials,” said Dan Sheeran, general manager, healthcare life sciences at Amazon Web Services, in a statement.

“In collaboration with Amazon Web Services, we are further scaling our DCT platform with next-level automation, AI/ML offerings, optimized features focused to meet the evolving needs of our customers, research sites, participants,” added THREAD CEO John Reites.

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